Components & Accessories

Petrotank South Africa (Pty) Ltd offers a range of ancillary components to the tank installation. Our Fuel & Tank Components include: Overfill Protection Devices, Manhole Covers, Tank Sumps, Spill Containments, Dispenser Sumps, Leak Detection System, etc.

Tank Sumps

• Watertight

• Installs on every tank type

• Rotational molded in PE

• Vacuum test compliant

Locally sourced
Spill Containers and Dispenser Sumps
Spill containers locally sourced Spill containers Imported - NUPI Dispenser Sumps locally sourced
Street Covers

Forecourt Manhole (Steel) Locally Sourced

Composite Street Cover Imported

Overfill Protection Devices
Franklin Overfill Protection Valve Lafon Clean Fill Overfill Protection Valve
Fuel Level Control Instrument


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